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These are some helpful links which break down the below skills into their key points courteous of Hockey Australia. Each link is to an individual video on the specific skill.

Basic skills


Basic Hitting 


Slap hit


Stationary push

Stopping a ball open stick


Running with the ball

Dragging the ball right to left

Dragging the ball left to right


Deflection from the right


Deflection from the left


Block Tackle

Right side tackle 


Reverse side tackle 

Jab/poke tackle

Eliminating a player - Attacking a reverse stick


Aerial - Overhead


Attacking 2 defenders on your own


Upright back stick hit/pass


Backstick push/pass 


Jink/lifting a ball over a stick going right to left


Jink/lifting a ball over a stick going left to right

Reverse stick shot. (Tomahawk) - 1 in 10 hit of their left foot forwards as it is more comfortable. Its just your way of doing it.


Short corner

Short corner push out 

Short corner stop top of the circle

Drag flick - This the skip technique were the player crosses there feet. If you jump then that technique is called a hopper.

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